Elegant Solutions

Combining arts and technology, we are a full service agency with a flexible network, creating real results and lasting partnerships.

Your partner for a hassle-free digital environment. This is what we offer:


Making sure our clients reach out to their gazillions of customers, on Tellus and beyond. We're combining traditional forms of marketing with digital elegance. Always tailored for our clients demands needs.


Delivering stunning visuals. We use what we know and then some. Photography, videography, animations, 3D – anything and everything to add value to our customers. We thrive in moving you. With elegance.


Born and raised to eat, sleep, code && repeat. DevOps, Cyclops, Wolverine ... Awesome power comes with great codeability. Like all great superheroes we use our powers for good, not only busting problems but also bringing the best solutions to our clients.

Business management

We like humans and they tend to like us back. Not because we comply to everything they say, but because we deal in hard truths and don't do sugar coating. We earn our respect and gain your trust. We've got your back in developing your business.



Take a look behind the scenes. Here are some things we're currently working on.


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